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IT Training & Certification

KMT Management Services Group is committed to your success as a
technology specialist.  Whether you are training to become an audio
engineer, Microsoft Technology Specialist, certified with Adobe, HP,
Autodesk, or intuit, we are here for you.

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Adobe Certified Associate
Adobe Certified Expert
Autodesk Certified User
CompTIA Strata
HP Institute
Microsoft Certified Educator
Microsoft Office Specialist
Microsoft Technology Associate
Quickbooks Certified User
Why Certify?

There is something about the word "certify" that precedes your
professional title that tells your customer you are different, you are set
apart, you have taken the time to make yourself credible. For many
businesses this is a stamp of approval.
A little about what we do.

We are a technology company, an education and testing service that will
help you to become recognized in your industry. We provide knowledge
and test delivery solutions worldwide, to help you become a qualified
candidate in workforce populations.
Mission Statement
KMT Management Services
We strongly believe in the
true measurement of
personal development. We
believe that progress not
only lies in numbers, and
balance sheets, and
financial analysis, but also
in the investment in people
and education.
We are a diversified
company, working as
contractors and technicians,
but also committed to
education, training and
We strive to be professional,
friendly and also provide
valuable services to our
We are committed to
innovation, safety (of our
employees) and health.
We are a world class
business and aim to be
second to none!
Educating, and training
students in technology to
help make our world a better
place is our goal for the 21st